Roll on September 2013 for armpit length

So I am 3 weeks post tomorrow – I have found this week since the Affirm 5 in 1 protein treatment that my hair has been in the same mood for most of the week which has meant that I have been able to wear it down without too much heat.

I have appx 6-7 weeks left until my next relaxer and am really looking forward to it as I think the minimised breakage will mean that I am able to resist trimming and should therefore see a significant length increase as opposed to having it mostly trimmed off.  Also the lack of breakage should also help with making the hair look thicker overtime.

I am interested to see if the 5 in 1 helps with keeping the regrowth in check in addition to the rest of the hair – I mean I doubt I would be able to comb 8 weeks of regrowth from route to tip – but it would be interesting to see if it strengthens the hair that much.

I mostly just want to be APL already and def want some more thickness – I think this hair length isn’t sexy because of the layering. Layering is fine when you have a lot of length but on shoulder length hair and short hair it doesn’t help much in my opinion.

Feeling impatient and unsatisfied… roll on September!


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