My regimen


1. I wash once a week with Cream of Nature Sulphate Free Shampoo – I love how this shampoo soften’s my hair before  I have even begun conditioning it – no pre-poo needed.


2. Protein conditioner 1 x a week – Affirm 5 in 1 conditioner – Before I had found this conditioner I thought my hair hated protein.  Turns out it just needed some low porosity, moisturising and detangling alongside it.  This stuff definitely keeps my hair on my head!


3. Moisturising conditioner as and when – Alberto Balsalm  – This stuff smells gorgeous and it’s cheap – what more could a girl want?


4. Blow-dry with Keracare blow-dry balm and moisturise every other day with Keracare moisturising lotion – I think this works as a heat protectant and moisturiser in one.


5. Relax and trim appx every 10 weeks with Affirm regular relaxer – my hairdresser swears by this relaxer, so I go with it, since I trust her.



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