Post-holiday hair

So I’m 6, going on 7 weeks post relaxer and unlike the last time I’m not as desperate to relax because…

1.     I have been in Thailand (and Dubai) where the water is softer hence my regrowth seemed less obvious

2.     Since discovering affirm 5 in 1 I have been blowdrying (not straightening) after every wash as the hair seems more able to handle it, because its stronger (esp after swimming while on holiday) this has helped to smoothen the regrowth

3.     I have been too busy holidaying to think about hair

4.     Also my hair has not been bothering me – the extra inch gained from the last relaxer has helped it to look good in most styles – so this morning after I got back from the gym I just kept it in a high pony and put it in a sock bun – looks ok I think

5.     My hair still looks decent when worn down.  Here I am at 6 weeks post on Dionne’s b’day:

post holiday hair

As much as the Thai water was good for my hair I’m not sure the humidity was good for the look of my hair – that’s probably one of the few things you can give the UK kudos for –  you can hold a curl in this weather cool dry weather without it being limp!

I need to get some more shampoo since the whole limit on liquids thing meant that I left shampoo for ease of travel and also from fear of my baggage being overweight.

I also want to keep up swimming now I am back from holiday so will need to look into getting some protective swimming conditioner and some chelating shampoo to keep my hair from breaking.

So yup looking forward to next relaxer and the extra growth it will bring esp as I have kept my ends healthy and breakage to a minimum this time so should be able to go without a trim assuming nothing changes.  I expect to be borderline APL.

Fingers crossed the relaxer application does not hurt as much as it did last time.  May be able to stretch to 12 weeks this time – although that will mean my relaxer day will fall awkwardly after pay day… hmm we shall see how it goes – a lot can change very quickly.


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