Why did I use to relax at 8 weeks post?

So given that I washed and blow dried on Sunday, I feel like yes I’m over 8 weeks post and I have regrowth, but there’s nothing substantial – nothing to make me feel as though I need to relax.  I think wearing my hair down definitely needs heat to straighten out the parting and heat to bevel the ends and try and create less of the sticking up effect, so it definitely looks better in a smoothed bun that down at the moment. So I guess relaxing will happen at 10 weeks at the earliest 12 at the latest.

Now that I have bought my fascinator for Henley I also realise that it will look nice with a roller set up do but the head piece will distract so much from my hair that I actually won’t need a fresh relaxer for it to look good with the roller set up do, so I think I will definitely make it to 10 weeks at the very least since my hair does not feel desperate for a relaxer at the moment.

I think by the end of the year I should have the extra 2 inches required to make APL, so by March 31st I reckon I will be bsb bound.


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