The discovery of Affirm 5-in-1: I think I may have found the holy grail…

2 and a half weeks post. Ok so how are things on the hair front?

Well it seems the products that the Deloris recommended are all I need.  I actually feel like I struggled during the last relaxer period with products – carrot oil was moisturising but didn’t smell very nice.  And the natural hair products were being used for the sake of using up the products.

Right now the Keracare moisturiser is perfect for daily – every other day moisturising and the Affirm 5 in 1 reconstructing conditioner is the truth!!

In all my life of using conditioners I don’t think I have ever purchased one that stops breakage in its tracks.  This is the first deep conditioner that I can say makes an immediate difference.  Aphogee which everybody raves about is supposed to do this but I can’t say I noticed any difference whatsoever.

I think what makes this one work is the ph balance of 4.5.  The fact that it addresses my hairs porosity issues, the fact that it gives the hair some serious slip – so it naturally detangles it and then there’s the fact it gives the hair so much strength that it stops feeling so fragile.  I even blow dried afterwards and I usually avoid blow drying because my hair is so fragile and I find blow drying normally rips chunks of the hair out, but this time I lost a nominal amount

My plan is to look after my hair as best I can so that I will not need to trim when I go for my next relaxer.  My ends are in pretty good shape so as long as I continue to use this moisturiser and the conditioner I think I should be ok.

The challenge will be not over manipulating on holiday – how many times will we go swimming etc?

Now that I can keep my breakage in check it might help my hair to thicken up over the course of appx 3 relaxers.

I feel really impatient, since I now know that I can minimise breakage and therefore retain length more quickly.  Roll on July and moreso, September relaxers.  Not that I’m wishing my summer away!