Longer hair = a beautiful ponytail


3 weeks post relaxer  – Saturday was Louise day – Louise day was the day that Tina organised for Louise about 2 months after her actual birthday – we had an assorted breakfast at Tina’s, followed by a manicure and pedicure, a theatre play and then a 3/4 course meal back at Tina’s.  I wore my hair in a ponytail using my barrettes plus I had curled my hair in about 4 satin rollers the night before. Which means that my ponytail was nice and wavy.  – Emma questioned if my ponytail was real and Racquel mentioned that she thought it looked “really long”.  But I think their sentiments are similar to one I had when I first put my hair in a ponytail following the extra growth I got from this relaxer.

I may not bet APL yet, but one thing I have noticed from the little bit of growth that I have had, is that I suddenly have developed a new found appreciation for wearing my hair in a ponytail.  It’s always been a hairstyle I have been indifferent to because when you have shorter hair it doesn’t look particularly great.  Hairstyles like pony tails and buns become more appealing because  the extra length gives them a much cuter appearance and balances out the excess face on display from scraping all your hair back.  Here’s to more growth and longer ponytails!