Swicthin’ it up

new up do

So after the horrific realization that Deloris was on holiday last weekend and that I would have to go another week with all this new growth.  I finally switched up my hairstyling and embraced the curls, which is really the thing to do when you have lots of new growth.  I think being miserable about my hair when I have lots of new growth is down to my slowness to transition from the freshly relaxed hairstyles to the loadsa’ regrowth hairstyles.

So the last two nights I have been roller-setting my whole head not just the ends with the satin rollers and am rocking an up and to the side do,  I feel very Janelle Monae.

There’s something about having lots of new growth that forces you to be creative with your hairstyling options and simply stop trying to make the straight her worn down look decent. And actually some would argue I look better with my hair worn up!


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