I’m now a red-head!


One thing I have come to dislike about my hair is the fact that it’s not jet black. You would think that someone with my complexion would have jet black hair, but that’s not the case and the harsh sun we had this summer made it even more browny-dusty-black-looking, which is why I decided to dye it red.  Initially the colour had barely changed but once I looked at it under light I was actually quite impressed.  The only thing is it’s not permanent and the colour will wash out with each weekly wash, so the plan is to reapply it every 4 weeks (for up to 3 times).  Although I might let the hairdresser do it next time as that will save me worrying about permanently staining the bathtub!

As well as dying my hair red I did my first post-relaxer wash since I desperately needed to wash out the flakes from the scabs, which appeared regardless of my 45 minute scalp-basing session prior to getting a relaxer.  My scalp just seems to burn after about 120 secs of the relaxer being applied. I was looking forward to my first wash after a relaxer, as I really despise the thin looking post-relaxer hair, which is due to the flat-ironing with the really hot tongs that Deloris uses.  My hair looks nice on the day but over the course of the week when you apply moisturiser to counteract the dryness, it’s starts to look limp.

My only hope now is that the dye doesn’t have any adverse affects on my hair or scalp.


6 month comparison


I got my relaxer yesterday at 10 weeks post again.  I was desperate to relax at 9 weeks but as the hairdresser was on holiday and I don’t trust anyone else with my hair, I had no choice but to wait the extra week. In actual fact I’m  glad for having to wait, as I really do think 10 weeks should be the minimum.

So I am not APL yet and so I have now moved the goal post to December, but as I can see the progress I’m making, I’m not discouraged about not being there yet.

Here are the comparison pics from February 16th 


Swicthin’ it up

new up do

So after the horrific realization that Deloris was on holiday last weekend and that I would have to go another week with all this new growth.  I finally switched up my hairstyling and embraced the curls, which is really the thing to do when you have lots of new growth.  I think being miserable about my hair when I have lots of new growth is down to my slowness to transition from the freshly relaxed hairstyles to the loadsa’ regrowth hairstyles.

So the last two nights I have been roller-setting my whole head not just the ends with the satin rollers and am rocking an up and to the side do,  I feel very Janelle Monae.

There’s something about having lots of new growth that forces you to be creative with your hairstyling options and simply stop trying to make the straight her worn down look decent. And actually some would argue I look better with my hair worn up!