Hanging in there even when under-processed (7.5 weeks post)

So on Friday I was toying with the idea of relaxing the next morning, but I wanted a lie-in and it rained all day on Saturday so I didn’t feel like leaving the house, so in the end I rationalised that I would just wash and blow-dry it to loosen the tight coils at the roots.  The alarming thing was from Friday to Sunday morning the blow-dried roots from my last wash fully tightened – I think working out at the gym on Saturday and Sunday probably didn’t help matters.  There was so much shrinkage I was actually tempted to relax it myself, but had less than an hour to get dressed after I got back from the gym and had to get ready to go to Ghanaval on Sunday.

So I opted for a wash, condition and blow-dry instead to loosen out my roots,  it definitely helped, but as my hair didn’t properly dry and I didn’t add in enough moisture it frizzed up a little bit throughout the course of the evening.

It did make me wish that I had not been so lazy and that I should have gone and got it relaxed on Saturday.  Although I feel better for knowing that I made it an extra week closer to my standard 10 weeks.

I think this Saturday should be D-day although I have developed a new found fondness for my satin rollers.  I put them in only at the ends of my hair last night before going to bed and wore it down this morning.  I like that it has a more permanent wave than when I try to bevel my ends with the hair straighteners, it is of course a much healthier option too, and it’s a good way to balance out my puffy roots.

Even though my roots are out of control I still feel like I should wait the extra 2 weeks so that my trims and relaxer schedule is maintained at no sooner than every 10 weeks – although part of me wonders whether 10 weeks is regular enough for both of those…


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