Hair rubbing on my shoulders?

I am liking the look of my hair today and I have not used any heat today.

So after washing on Saturday it’s a lot thicker than it looked last week after the hairdresser relaxed and flat ironed it – giving it that limp flat ironed look that relaxed hair tends to have.

After I wash and blow dryer I generally get a thick look from when it dries.  Well today I pinned up the sides and have made a nice little half up half down hair style.  I’m conscious that I am wearing the ends out only because Nicole mentioned last week at my roof terrace dinner and on Saturday that my ends are rubbing away on my shoulders – I don’t think this should be the death of the hair though, although many hair forums worn against wearing your hair out, but in my experience, my breakage tends more to be a result from lack of protein, or when it’s porosity gets too high, or when there is 8 weeks plus of NG.  Although in winter when I’m wearing woollen fabrics and coats then I tend to be more weary of the rubbing.  I could be wrong though…

But mostly I’m happy it looks good after the wash because I hate feeling like my hair goes down hill after I wash it…


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