10 weeks post is becoming my official relaxer time

I relaxed this morning at 10 weeks post – I however feel like I could have waited another week at the very least because the bantu knot I did last night after I moisturised my ends had my hair looking really nice, on the way to the hairdresser.  I mentioned to Deloris – the hairdresser that I could have waited an extra 2 weeks and she said that I already had a lot of regrowth, but we all know that in the online world of hair forums 10 weeks post relaxer is not even considered to be a stretch!

The reason why I go all the way to Deloris in Wembley, when I could actually just get my hair done locally is that I realised a long time ago that what counts is a hairdresser that cares and who listens to suggestions.  She really impressed me with the fact that after the last time when my head was very much on fire, she had planned it that this time we would relax the hair in 5 sections and wash out each section separately – I tipped her because I felt she really listened and deserved it and understood.

So initially thought there wasn’t a length increase but on looking closely my hair seems to have filled out more at the sides and so now it’s less of a u shape and more even across all of it which means that her trimming technique this time involved removing the long u tip at the bottom which is why there doesn’t seem to be as much of a length increase.

feb to july comparison

So I did feel a bit gutted that I’m not APL yet, but now that I can see the rate of progress across these pictures I’m now aiming for December as a target date for APL.  It looks like from the pictures above that I should be tracking my hair across a 4 month period because that’s where the growth happened.  I tried to avoid having a trim yesterday but Deloris said that she could see split ends, so I couldn’t really argue with that…


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