Forgot to do my hair for the Henley Royal Regatta

I forgot to bantu knot my hair for Henley I was so tired after going to the gym I ended up eating, bathing and crawling into bed and falling asleep.  Then at 5:45 this morning when I was waiting for the 6:00 alarm to go off I suddenly remembered I hadn’t done it.

So rather than use the curling iron to create curls I decided to do the bantu knots anyway –  I have about 4 in my hair.  Then I went and showered – hoping the steam would help to set the knots and now I am under the hooded dryer, and have been for about 10 minutes – although very conscious of the fact that I still have to style my hair, get dressed, apply make-up, paint my toenails and pack my hand bag…

I can’t believe I forgot – it’s ended up being a bit of a time waster as now I’m having to sit here under the dryer when I could have just counted on them being perfect after 8 hours of sleep.  Oh well fingers crossed it’s been long enough to actually get a proper set.

Eta: Bantu knot was ok but did tongue a few curls as well:



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