French Perm stabilizer requested

9.5 weeks post relaxer.  Ok so after reading yet another blog about French Perm Stabilizer being the most amazing product ever, I got desperate and ending up emailing Michelle (who I used to work with at UKOUG who now lives in the states) and naturalmaneyc from LHCF about sending me some, after all who would better understand the need for the product that someone who proclaims that it’s the best ish ever?! The naturalmaneyc actually agreed to do it, but when I looked at the shipping fees I thought that’s ridiculous, which fuelled another search, I have now found it on ebay for £50 for 2 bottles and have ordered it – may as well since it may help me to stretch to 12 weeks and it will ‘stabilize’ my relaxer when I do relax.  So told both Michelle and naturalmaneyc from LHCF not to worry,

It better be good for how much I have just spent – if not I will sell it on ebay.

It’s the Henley regatta tomorrow will need to remember to rollerset tonight and do my toenails…


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