The aircurler: verdict


Last Friday in the office we had a lot of fun with the air curler – Nick, Our business development guy managed to assemble it and Paulina and a few others volunteered to have it tested on their hair. It worked quite well on Paulina’s hair, but not so great on Sarah Jones who didn’t have any hair products in her hair. I think it’s a good contraption but in order for it to be more effective you need to apply some styling mousse to help the curls last longer and it’s ideal for longer hair. For shorter lengths you have to make a point of placing the bowl as close to the roots of your hair as possible. Not a bad purchase though, especially given the price.


Longer hair = a beautiful ponytail


3 weeks post relaxer  – Saturday was Louise day – Louise day was the day that Tina organised for Louise about 2 months after her actual birthday – we had an assorted breakfast at Tina’s, followed by a manicure and pedicure, a theatre play and then a 3/4 course meal back at Tina’s.  I wore my hair in a ponytail using my barrettes plus I had curled my hair in about 4 satin rollers the night before. Which means that my ponytail was nice and wavy.  – Emma questioned if my ponytail was real and Racquel mentioned that she thought it looked “really long”.  But I think their sentiments are similar to one I had when I first put my hair in a ponytail following the extra growth I got from this relaxer.

I may not bet APL yet, but one thing I have noticed from the little bit of growth that I have had, is that I suddenly have developed a new found appreciation for wearing my hair in a ponytail.  It’s always been a hairstyle I have been indifferent to because when you have shorter hair it doesn’t look particularly great.  Hairstyles like pony tails and buns become more appealing because  the extra length gives them a much cuter appearance and balances out the excess face on display from scraping all your hair back.  Here’s to more growth and longer ponytails!

Hair rubbing on my shoulders?

I am liking the look of my hair today and I have not used any heat today.

So after washing on Saturday it’s a lot thicker than it looked last week after the hairdresser relaxed and flat ironed it – giving it that limp flat ironed look that relaxed hair tends to have.

After I wash and blow dryer I generally get a thick look from when it dries.  Well today I pinned up the sides and have made a nice little half up half down hair style.  I’m conscious that I am wearing the ends out only because Nicole mentioned last week at my roof terrace dinner and on Saturday that my ends are rubbing away on my shoulders – I don’t think this should be the death of the hair though, although many hair forums worn against wearing your hair out, but in my experience, my breakage tends more to be a result from lack of protein, or when it’s porosity gets too high, or when there is 8 weeks plus of NG.  Although in winter when I’m wearing woollen fabrics and coats then I tend to be more weary of the rubbing.  I could be wrong though…

But mostly I’m happy it looks good after the wash because I hate feeling like my hair goes down hill after I wash it…

French Perm Stabilizer Plus – verdict

So I tried the famous French perm stabiliser yesterday and if I’m honest, I wasn’t overly excited by the results.  My hair was definitely easy to detangle afterwards but my one week post relaxer hair generally always is, I’m starting to wish I had only bought one bottle.  Will definitely try and sell the next bottle on ebay for £30. 

I tried to test out the aircurler but struggled to put it together – will get Ndidi to sort it.

10 weeks post is becoming my official relaxer time

I relaxed this morning at 10 weeks post – I however feel like I could have waited another week at the very least because the bantu knot I did last night after I moisturised my ends had my hair looking really nice, on the way to the hairdresser.  I mentioned to Deloris – the hairdresser that I could have waited an extra 2 weeks and she said that I already had a lot of regrowth, but we all know that in the online world of hair forums 10 weeks post relaxer is not even considered to be a stretch!

The reason why I go all the way to Deloris in Wembley, when I could actually just get my hair done locally is that I realised a long time ago that what counts is a hairdresser that cares and who listens to suggestions.  She really impressed me with the fact that after the last time when my head was very much on fire, she had planned it that this time we would relax the hair in 5 sections and wash out each section separately – I tipped her because I felt she really listened and deserved it and understood.

So initially thought there wasn’t a length increase but on looking closely my hair seems to have filled out more at the sides and so now it’s less of a u shape and more even across all of it which means that her trimming technique this time involved removing the long u tip at the bottom which is why there doesn’t seem to be as much of a length increase.

feb to july comparison

So I did feel a bit gutted that I’m not APL yet, but now that I can see the rate of progress across these pictures I’m now aiming for December as a target date for APL.  It looks like from the pictures above that I should be tracking my hair across a 4 month period because that’s where the growth happened.  I tried to avoid having a trim yesterday but Deloris said that she could see split ends, so I couldn’t really argue with that…

Forgot to do my hair for the Henley Royal Regatta

I forgot to bantu knot my hair for Henley I was so tired after going to the gym I ended up eating, bathing and crawling into bed and falling asleep.  Then at 5:45 this morning when I was waiting for the 6:00 alarm to go off I suddenly remembered I hadn’t done it.

So rather than use the curling iron to create curls I decided to do the bantu knots anyway –  I have about 4 in my hair.  Then I went and showered – hoping the steam would help to set the knots and now I am under the hooded dryer, and have been for about 10 minutes – although very conscious of the fact that I still have to style my hair, get dressed, apply make-up, paint my toenails and pack my hand bag…

I can’t believe I forgot – it’s ended up being a bit of a time waster as now I’m having to sit here under the dryer when I could have just counted on them being perfect after 8 hours of sleep.  Oh well fingers crossed it’s been long enough to actually get a proper set.

Eta: Bantu knot was ok but did tongue a few curls as well:


French Perm stabilizer requested

9.5 weeks post relaxer.  Ok so after reading yet another blog about French Perm Stabilizer being the most amazing product ever, I got desperate and ending up emailing Michelle (who I used to work with at UKOUG who now lives in the states) and naturalmaneyc from LHCF about sending me some, after all who would better understand the need for the product that someone who proclaims that it’s the best ish ever?! The naturalmaneyc actually agreed to do it, but when I looked at the shipping fees I thought that’s ridiculous, which fuelled another search, I have now found it on ebay for £50 for 2 bottles and have ordered it – may as well since it may help me to stretch to 12 weeks and it will ‘stabilize’ my relaxer when I do relax.  So told both Michelle and naturalmaneyc from LHCF not to worry,

It better be good for how much I have just spent – if not I will sell it on ebay.

It’s the Henley regatta tomorrow will need to remember to rollerset tonight and do my toenails…

To relax or not to relax – that is the question…

After the breakage on Sunday I kind of just wanted to relax it and deal with easy hair and also get to wear my hair down again.

However if I go at least one extra week I will feel very proud of myself – this time I was going to dry my hair in bantu knots under the hooded dryer – ie move away from the blow drying – hair rippage process – then after having exhausted that avenue – i.e if that doesn’t work, then I will relax.

Sounds like a plan – hopefully one that will not result in excessive loss.