8 weeks post saviour: the bun maker

I think the high bun with my bun maker is definitely a look that is working for my 8 weeks post (as of tomorrow) hair.  It is at the stage where wearing it down looks stringy, because the roots are so thick, the ends look see through, it’s harder to keep the moisture in and so bunning is the perfect solution and the regrowth is not at the stage where the bun looks hideous.

I think it’s a look that works rather well with my Gok wan glasses even I say so myself!

I feel like 9 weeks post is not really a stretch – so I would still like to stretch to 10 weeks post but Henley is going to ruin that unless I can do a deep, deep condition and press out my roots the night before Henley – but not sure it’s worth torturing my hair with extra heat just to entertain clients…


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