Thirsty hair

7.5 weeks post relaxer – I’m suddenly very conscious of my regrowth – my hair also seemed really thirsty yesterday – I basically need to wash and deep condition at some point this weekend when I will be officially 8 weeks post relaxer.  I will then get through next week and then will relax at 9 weeks post unless I end up feeling at that stage that I do not have enough regrowth.  If it was not for the Henley Regatta which takes place on the Thursday 4th July after the 9th week, I would have done a 10 week stretch.  But given I will want to wear my hair down at the Henly Regatta, it’s best to just get it done the week before.

When my hair goes into dry shrinkage mode I really hate it – the ends look see-through when dry and when well moisturised it can look stringy and thin – A far cry from the picture above from Paramount when I was 6 weeks post.  A lot can change in two weeks!


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