Hard water/soft water?

Ok so I am firmly 7 weeks post and since I washed my hair on Thursday morning I am definitely more conscious of regrowth – may be effect of washing with hard water now that I am back in the UK.  I also co-washed rather than shampoo washing because I left my shampoo in Thailand.  I think I will end up relaxing at 9 weeks post since henly regatta is on the Thursday of the 10th week and I can’t get to the hairdresser midweek because of the opening hours.  Doesn’t seem like anyone on lhcf relaxes that early – feels a bit too early, but then I know my roots will be visible.

In regards to hair products the affirm seems to be still creating its magic, which has meant that I have continued to blow dry after washing, again did not lose an alarming amount of hair during Thursday’s wash – which is unusual for when the new growth creeps in.  Will have to keep an eye on it for when I do my 8 weeks-post wash.  I just think that blow drying is a nice quick way to dry the hair smoothly so if I can do that right up to relaxer day without any issues then I will.  After Thursday’s wash it did look quite poofy after washing so wearing it down didn’t seem to be cutting it.


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