10 weeks post – relaxer day

feb_april_comparison2013_small  backview_april27th

So at 10 weeks post relaxer = I decided to end the stretch but the funny thing it wasn’t the regrowth that ruined it.  It was the breakage in the rest of the hair and that’s down to the moisturiser I was using.

I MUST AVOID using the Design Essentials moisturiser, which I used when I was natural, because it makes my hair shed – about 6-7 strands slide out at a time and it totally burnt my hair during the relaxer process – that and the fact that I had so much regrowth that every time she parted my hair she created a sore spot and then slapped the relaxer in that area – I had no hope and was literally in pain 5 minutes into the whole process.    The Design Essentials Moisturiser is also really sticky so overall I think it literally needs go in the bin.

I also didn’t notice a huge increase in length – but then again with all the breakage I experienced towards the end, I was almost expecting to have to hack it off at neck length.  But of course once I realised that I still had hope I was then looking for some extra length.  But what I have realised after checking my hair in my reflection in shop windows and in the train on the way home is that the back of my hair is longer but the front is feathered so that it only looks CBL.   But when I look at the back it’s a bit longer and overall the strands are sitting on my shoulder and bending a lot more so I can notice the difference – it’s subtle though.  But I’m yet to compare to an actual picture of my virgin relaxer 10 weeks ago.

SO – my verdict on relaxer stretching?

I think this time I will see how I like the Keracare moisturiser and Affirm reconstructing conditioner that Deloris, my hairdresser recommended.  If I find that I can bantu knot with it and that my hair remains strong, then I will continue to stretch.  But if that is not the case then I will relax no later (or earlier) than 8 weeks post.  Which is 22nd June, so actually it will end up being 29th June (9 weeks post) since that’ll be after payday, – Deloris closes at 6 on weekdays so there is no way I would make it there after work.

I have to say even though my head was on fire today I liked the way she handled the situation i.e. didn’t ignore me and tell me to get over it like some hair dressers do  – she was generally sympathetic and washed it out straight away.

So I think the pictures show that there has been a slight increase in length.  Although it’s not drastic.

I didn’t have Ndidi (my boyfriend) take a direct back view picture last time.  But the back view picture from today shows that the longest length (my hair is in a V/U shape) is about an inch from APL – so that bit should be APL by my next relaxer.­­­


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